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Birthday, Fasting, Temple and Golu (Samaira)

It was my birthday day before yesterday and I share my birthday with Mr. Steve Jobs, which I realized only on the day I registered this blog. I reached home on 23rd to to celebrate my birthday with my family. Me and Mum were having a discussion that it is a special day that you are having your birthday on the auspicious festival of ‘Maha Shivratri’ and if I was willing to fast on that day or not. I then decided OK I will fast on that day as it is not just my birthday but also a big festival and I was at home. Me and Mum decided that we will fast on my birthday. We all went to see the house that my Brother bought on his 2nd marriage anniversary, I was visiting the place for the first time and I was curiously looking at every room, every door, every window and the outside view as I was more than excited. We then bought a cake from a shop near to the new house and went for a car ride and then eventually we went home.
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Brother booked house on his 2nd marriage anniversary

We have been living in Surat from last 23 years and my Mother wanted  that we should have a house in this city where we have been living since more than 2 decades. My father built a bungalow in Indore long time back and recently we bought another property, a 3BHK luxurious flat in Indore. After the purchase of the second home, my Mum was not happy building another property in the same city. My father who had lived his childhood and been there in Indore for around 4 decades was so attached to it that he again bought some land in Super Corridor, near Indore Airport. Before shifting to Surat city, we had been living in Nand Niketan colony where we always had discussion to buy a home when everyone in the colony were buying a flat in the city.

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Spark.ME 2016 Invitation – I missed it

As you all know from my post from January that I wanted to attend Spark.ME and I enrolled to the contest to become the official blogger for Spark.ME. I was eagerly waiting for 15th March when the results for the contest were about to come and finally the results came. Unfortunately I did not win the contest but I really appreciate the way Bojana invited me to the event with free passes to the event as exclusive member of the the Spark.ME and Domain.ME community.

3 years back when Spark.ME was first organized as the biggest Tech Conference in the Balkan region, I was the one who wanted to attend it badly and was thinking to go to Montenegro and attend this conference. Fortunately this time the invitation was official and I had a free ticket to Spark.ME. Also there is now a dedicated Spark.ME bloggers team (11 bloggers from 7 countries) that will take care of the blogging and will keep me updated of the event.
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Meeting Lucky bhai and friends is always a pleasure :)

It was about a week when I got the news that Lucky bhai is performing in Bombay on this Valentine’s Day and all my friends who are the dedicated fans of Lucky Ali will be there. We all decided on our WhatsApp group chat and we all were ready to meet and enjoy the concert after a long time. It was really a great moment as going to Bombay had always been special for me since childhood and this time for a concert and party with friends made it very special on a occasion like Valentine’s Day.

Then came the day 14th February for which I was really geared up since long. I started the day very early as always getting up at 4am, freshened up and did my daily exercise. I had breakfast as a usual sunday breakfast with friends and went to the temple to thank god for this great day of meeting with friends. Then I had my lunch and went to Bhumkar Chowk, the bus stop where I was waiting for Shivneri bus of Dadar route. I boarded the bus at around 1400hrs and called up Rehan and Nina Di that I`ve started my journey and will arrive in around 3hrs. But to my excitement I reached in 2.5hrs at 1630hrs. I called up Rehan that I have arrived and I waiting for him near INOX theatre. We both took a cab and went to the venue at Phoenix Market City, Kurla.

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Why I want to attend

Spark.Me gave a very good opportunity for all the bloggers in the world to “Become an Official Blogger” and also to be at the Best Technology Conference down the Adriatic Coast and breath in the beautiful country of Montenegro.

Before I jump in further to blog the details, I would like to introduce you with this beautiful Tech. Conf. #SparkMe. As the name suggest SparkME, it is a Technology Conference and StartUp Event where people from all over the world and mostly Europeans from the Balkan Region unite with their Spark (ignited ideas in the mind). It is organized by Domain.ME Team who lead the .ME Domain Extension for Montengro, #1 Personal Domain Name on the Internet.

Spark.ME started in 2013 with the idea of igniting the imagination of using technology to create the one thing that makes you special, that one idea that will make you stand out from the crowd, along with the people you need to know to make that happen. Since last few years they have organized this event with one of the best speakers like Pankaj Ghemawat (TED speaker and management professor at Stern School of Business, New York University), Christopher Fabian (2013 TIME Magazine’s 100 most influential people; co-founder and co-lead of UNICEF’s Innovation Unit), Tony Conrad (Co-founder and CEO of, and Founding Venture Partner at True Ventures) and Peter Sunde Kolmisoppi (Hacker/artist who deals with questions of intellectual property rights. Best known for being a co-founder of The Pirate Bay).

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International Men`s Day

It was International Men’s Day today and I was excited from the beginning of the day. It was a fine day but I had a lot of work in the office and eventually I got very tired in the evening. It was like the usual day when I used to get down from bus and talk to all of my friends down the way and say bye to everyone eventually before going home. This day however had something special to offer and I could not even think that this could ever have had happened to anyone or if anyone had even thought that on International Men’s Day life had to offer this to him.

As and when I got down from bus said bye to my friend Sujata and started walking towards residence, 3 of my close girly friends (Poonam, Jaya and Vrushali) started shouting and screaming at me in the middle of the road. It took me a minute to understand what went wrong and what could possibly trigger them to such violent verbal behavior. They all started yelling at me so loudly that everyone around me was like what has this person done to these 3 girls that lead him to such behavior. I tried to persuade all of them and tried hard to keep them calm reminding that today is International Men`s Day and please do not scold and shout at me on this day, but they won’t listen. 

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InternetAndME.COM taken down with other 5000+ .COM domains

It was not long when I had bought the .COM domain of InternetAndME during Navratri festival last month. And after that I had went to Indore on a vacation during the Dusshehra festival which was also for my elder brother`s engagement. I had a very hectic schedule in office before going to Indore and that is the reason I wanted to enjoy the moment with complete leisure without taking any stress or thinking about anything which could possibly take my mind off the celebrations. Temporarily I removed my office email configured on my phone so that I would not get involved in any distraction. I was just checking my personal email and social media feeds and that too I was checking it few times per day and not replying to anyone possibly expecting any answer from me.

One day I got around 5-10 emails directly fired up from various people which had included my email and also GoDaddy Support email stating that they had their .COM domains taken away by court order. I was in no mood to read or reply to any one of those email until GoDaddy support mailed us back that this was done by a court order and hence our domains were taken away from me. I got bit worried and started searching on the internet that what possibly got wrong and what exactly is this court order is and why is my domain taken away from when I was not involved in fraudulent activities related to domains. I came across an article from The Domains website that As Many As 5K .Com’s Taken Away By Sealed Court Order By Verisign Including Some Of Mine.

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Picnic, Zip-line, Pool and Fun :)

Today there was a picnic planned by my organization and I was eagerly waiting for it from long time when it was first announced. I got up early and then packed up my bag with water and stuff and also put a smiley badge on the t-shirt I was wearing. I started my journey by walking towards the bus stop as the picnic spot was almost 25-30kms far and we all had planned to go by bus. I reached the stop and met my friends Preeti, Poonam, Vrushali and greeted other stop members as well. Our regular bus was late and the bus coming from Aundh came early and Preeti boarded that bus. We all were waiting for our bus to arrive which came around 30mins late.

We boarded the bus and started singing songs, enjoying the sunny ride and cracking jokes as the journey was long. First we all thought that the bus driver was on the correct route until we realized that the bus has gone off-course towards Khadakwasla Dam. We all started to panic a bit as we had been off-course for around 30mins, all took out their phones and started searching on GPS about where the place was and to our bad luck, there was bad network range and neither data network not GPS was functional. We started calling our friends, some of them already reached the venue and some of them were about to reach the venue, about the potential directions and landmarks which we missed. We then stopped near Khadakwasla Dam for pics and for a break as we were traveling endlessly without having any clue of our picnic spot. After staying for around 10-15mins near the Dam and enjoying the view, we planned to move on after we acknowledged the exact route of the spot. While en-route to the spot in the bus, we spotted 4 of our friends on 2 bikes after they overtook our bus. Finally after 3hours of traveling we reached our picnic spot Splendour Country Club.

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Internet And ME…..Mission Accomplished…..!!!

It is not long until 13th Nov 2013 or 13-11-13 as I should say the palindrome date proudly, when I registered www.InternetAnd.ME with a gift coupon given to me by friends at Domain.ME and also registered many other Domain Hack of the same name. I had registered all the Internet And ME TLD`s which were available and to my luck, they all were available except the .COM of the domain which the most precious of all the domains

 I then set out to the journey to buy www.InternetAndME.COM which had the registration date of 26th April 2000. I contacted the Domain Broker who was responsible for the sale for a potential quote. At first there were few emails exchanged from different email ID`s, some of mine and some of my friends. All of the replies that came in the quote was around USD $1,000. After few months of desperation and the year 2013 gone by, I dropped the idea to buy the domain as the price was to much to be spent at the moment.

After many months of tracking the domain WHOIS, contacting the broker/owner, finally giving up the idea to buy it and not thinking about the domain anymore, a lightning struck me. The Domain had been sold to some other registrant and then few emails started coming back to me.

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Meeting Lucky bhai with all my friends :)

It was 14th September, Sunday morning and I had a plan with all my Lucky Gang to meet Lucky bhai during the concert he had at Blue Frog, Ishanya Mall, Yerwada. I went to Vaishali Restaurant in the morning with friends for breakfast. We all 8 people went on 4 bikes to Vaishali Restaurant and had a great breakfast and enjoyed a lot. Then we got got back to room and I got on with taking bath and get geared up for afternoon when all my Lucky gang from Mumbai were on the road traveling to Pune. Read the rest of this entry »

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