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Steve Jobs (1955-2011) – An unbound Legacy

As being from a Software field I was always moved by Technology and talk about technical things and looked for technology. I always wanted to be a part of this ever-changing, ever-progressing world.

When I was a kid back in 1995 I admired Mr. Bill Gates of Microsoft Inc., thought that Windows is the only OS that existed after MS-DOS in the Software world. After I grew up, got into core studies of technologies then heard about a man called Steve Jobs and the Apple Inc., was thrilled to hear that he was a founder and chairman of Apple which launched it`s OS named MAC aka MACintosh.

MAC had it`s own power and people were more and more attracted towards the shiny thing called MacBook. In recent years in India it was like a trend to have an iPod and an iPhone in hand and tell the world that they own technology created by Steve Jobs and felt privileged to be a part of the Apple products family. I too had a great experience of using the iPod and iPhone at frequent intervals and using a MacBook extensively since a year and found it much interesting and started to respect the man who built it.

Few months back when I heard that he resigned as CEO of Apple due to deteriorating health and being diagnosed by cancer since many years, felt a bit depressed that what would Apple do without a visionary like him. It`s him that made the company respectful what it is today by the products he made and the legacy that he followed since he launched the company.

Few days back setting up this website I was searching on content on the Internet regarding my birthdate and some of the websites gave me information that

“You share your birthday with Steve Jobs”.


I was excited and thrilled that few days back I updated that I share my birthday with Steve Jobs .


Few days later iPhone 4S was launched which was an upgrade to the iPhone 4. It was totally thrilled about launch of iPhone 4S and was waiting for it to officially launch. Next day after launch of iPhone 4S it was a bright sunny day on 6th October 2011, it was Dusshehra – one of the biggest festivals in India. I was holiday and in the morning when I woke up and started searching about the new upgrades in iPhone 4S and heard the news everywhere that Mr. Steve Jobs is no more.

I was deeply moved and could`nt believe that a great person like him, who was a Software Programmer, revolutionary, visionary, Entrepreneur, moreover could be called as father of MAC, iOS, iPhone, iPod and iPad was no more. I would deeply miss his personality as a person who was a inspiration not only to me but for all the people in the world who progressed with technology and are a part of this ever-changing, ever-updating world.

I have a good feeling that he changed and digitized our lives and made it so advanced by his vision, hard work and dedication that could never have been imagined without him.

I feel proud to share my birthdate with you (24th Feb), hope I share the same legacy as you in my future years to come.

This loss that the software family all around the globe has encountered cannot be restored, but I do promise to work hard and hope to achieve a mark near to what you made.


You not only did make technologies that were far beyond thinking…..But you made people smile by sharing the perfection level that you achieved. Rest In Peace…..All my respects to you….. 🙂

Steve Jobs then and now

Steve Jobs then and now

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