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Brother booked house on his 2nd marriage anniversary

We have been living in Surat from last 23 years and my Mother wanted  that we should have a house in this city where we have been living since more than 2 decades. My father built a bungalow in Indore long time back and recently we bought another property, a 3BHK luxurious flat in Indore. After the purchase of the second home, my Mum was not happy building another property in the same city. My father who had lived his childhood and been there in Indore for around 4 decades was so attached to it that he again bought some land in Super Corridor, near Indore Airport. Before shifting to Surat city, we had been living in Nand Niketan colony where we always had discussion to buy a home when everyone in the colony were buying a flat in the city.

Every time it used to happen that I was being looped into every decision of a big purchase my family used to make, like making a house in Indore, buying another one in the same city, buying some land in that area, buying a car, buying the TV. This time I was being kept in dark, I felt like a bit detached when this thing happened. It was a Sunday and I was relaxing at my room in Pune when my father called me and said, “We bought the house” and I was like all these financial transactions are being hidden from me. The discussion was going on since months that we were planning to buy a new house and the first house in Surat city, but as always the plans never used to work out and the decision kept on delaying.

It was my brother’s 2nd marriage anniversary and my family went to see a house and then finalized it after my dear niece was happy and she started laughing inside the house we saw. It was clear indication that the house has positive vibes and she had to enter that house. My father and brother went to the owner of that house and they wanted to buy it on that day itself as it would mark as a day to be remembered that the house is being bought on their marriage anniversary. As the decision of buying car was kept hidden from me until it was booked, my father called me and said, “You are the first person I’m calling to tell that we have bought the house”. I was so amazed and happy to know that finally my Mother`s dream is realized and we finally have a house in the city in which we have lived for more than 2 decades. It was a happy moment for everyone. 🙂

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