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The Fault In Our Stars :)

Today one of my friends told me about a movie that was recently released in India named “The Fault In Our Stars”. He told me that it was a love story and it is creating a sensation in Europe, I was like let`s go for this movie. We were both heart broken guys and while going to the cinema hall he was telling about the love of his life which could not become to reality and I was telling him about the love of my life and what all I was facing with someone I really loved.

I did not had any idea or had never heard about the movie so did not have any perception of what kind of movie it would be. I came to know that it was being based on a novel and it was being beautifully directed. I must admit that I cried few times during the movie as there were some of the most emotional scenes which I had never experienced in life. I was so touched by many of the scenes that made my cry and feel the emotions.

I kept on searching the web regarding the movie and the book on which the movie was made, it was so emotional that everyone who saw the movie had cried at least one time because they had been in love sometime in life. After watching this movie, I just want to be in love, feel the love and give away my life and just want my partner to be happy…..Always??? Always!!! Lot`s of love to everyone. Love is the best thing to happen to anyone in life, hope you have someone in life worth loving, living and dying for….. šŸ™‚

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