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Connecting the Dots…..:)

My professional career was very much like the story of ‘Connecting the Dots’ which Steve gave at Stanford in 2005. In the story Steve said that you need to work hard and trust your instincts because the dots always connect in reverse order.

When I heard the speech it was very magical and was thinking how it could really happen, but the truth is that you cannot make it happen, you just need to work hard and it automatically happens. I was blessed by the moment when I came to know that it happened.

Today as I give my resignation on my first job, I realized that it just happened. As Steve said, the dots are always connected in reverse order so you need to trust with your work that it happens…..started working 19-01-2011 (sum 15), resigned 25-10-2013 (sum 14) and today the last day 23-11-2013 (sum 13). Feeling to do something in life like the great man….. đŸ™‚

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