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Hosting premiumly after a long time…..

It was about since 1999 when I had my first website on Yahoo! Geocities. It was a 15 pages pure HTML site which had all my personal information, hyperlinks were considered a big thing that time. The site was online for about 8 years until Yahoo! Geocities started asking for money running that site. At that time I was a student who was deeply fallen in and fallen down for the World Wide Web which I used to be connected for more than 14 hours a day on a 56k dial up modem line and subsequently upgrading to broadband long after that.

After that for many years I started using free hosting services, switching to free hosting services year by year, hosting my previous forums, media and video streaming sites. I had hosted many blogs and forums before which I ultimately failed to administer a lot and there after started to delete each and every of those sites.

After a long time I decided to buy premium hosting. There was a Christmas offer going so I bought hosting from Hostgator where all my sites are currently running. It was a technically happy moment for me as I was running premium hosting now. I started shifting all my websites and all my friend`s websites that I host to this new account. I`m a happy man now….. 🙂

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