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Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Borivali

It was 19th May and I went to Bombay (Mumbai) for an interview. I had got down from train in Borivali station from where I had a cab waiting to get me from Borivali to Mahape and then back.

I had an instinct that I would get that job in Bombay. Unfortunately I didn`t clear a round and I was out. I had thought that I would have been there till evening but all the work was over in afternoon. Then when I was back on my way to Borivali station but had many hours for the train back home. I called up my father and he and the cab driver both told me to get down at National Park where I could spend the rest of the hours while waiting for the train.

I did not had any idea that this park would be so good that I was amazed. I came across first hoarding that was written “Photography is free for non – commercial use” and I started clicking pics right away. I was roaming in the National Park and it was a great experience. I would keep the thought in my mind that I do no t go deep or much inside that would not help me tracking the exit path on time as I had a train to catch. I always looked onto the watch and calculated the distance that I traveled so that I could backtrack in time. Twice I was so tired and was full of sweat in full shirt that I had to take rest sitting on bench for at least 10-20 mins and had a small nap in between.

Then the time of my train was coming near so I started backtracking my way towards the exit where I finally reached on time. Thereafter I realized that the Borivali Railway Station is very near to the National Park and it was fun to be here. I went to the station, got my train and headed back home in Surat. The train was late by about 30 mins which was so annoying but at last I reached home and slept. I really loved that day….. 🙂

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