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Tale of 2 Letter Domains…..!!!

It was a time from many years I wanted to own a 3 letter domain which I unfortunately heard that every of the 3 letter domain was already registered long before I owned  a credit card.

I was searching for 3 letter domain offers, auctions, buyouts from months since I bought this site. It was 14th Jan and was a holiday of Uttrayan in India and luckily or fortunately soon after sometime searching and researching on few sites I found two 2 letter domains which were affordable to register.

I registered those two 2 letter domains right away and did not feel paying a bit extra as it was my dream to own a 3 letter domain and after so many years of wait god blessed me with two 2 letter domains. I`m not publishing the names yet but will soon publish as I complete the work on that site….. :).

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