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Who Are You, Anyway? Build A Page That Tells Your Story

Today Tena Šojer from our dear Domain.ME Team wrote a post regarding Who Are You, Anyway? Means to get to know what is our identity on Internet. I was really amazed by the post and the thought process that we should also have our identity on the Internet. I was really aware that our identity on the Internet is always a domain name which we have and which we project as our identity on the WEB.

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The Fault In Our Stars :)

Today one of my friends told me about a movie that was recently released in India named “The Fault In Our Stars”. He told me that it was a love story and it is creating a sensation in Europe, I was like let`s go for this movie. We were both heart broken guys and while going to the cinema hall he was telling about the love of his life which could not become to reality and I was telling him about the love of my life and what all I was facing with someone I really loved.

I did not had any idea or had never heard about the movie so did not have any perception of what kind of movie it would be. I came to know that it was being based on a novel and it was being beautifully directed. I must admit that I cried few times during the movie as there were some of the most emotional scenes which I had never experienced in life. I was so touched by many of the scenes that made my cry and feel the emotions.

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Brother`s Birthday Party :)

I had my leaves planned for my brother`s birthday party long back and I was looking forward to meet my family and especially my brother who had his birthday the next day. After completing my office I started my journey for Surat to meet my brother.

I called him and wished him a very Happy Birthday at night during my travel and was eagerly waiting to meet him and wish him personally. I reached in the morning and I was waiting for him to wake up and dress up for his work.

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ISTQB – A certification for a lifetime

I had joined SQS as my 2nd company in December last year and with the joining formalities they had a condition to complete a certification in 6months probation period. I started attending the training sessions organized by the company and started to gain knowledge of how to clear the exam.

Once the training sessions got completed, then I started reading from the book and the presentations. I had planned to give the exam on a 17th May but due to project requirement I could not give an attempt so I thought to attempt it next week on 24th May.

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Bike has arrived on Hanuman Jayanti…..:)

It is Hanuman Jayanti today and I had already taken a planned leave to get my bike which I had booked almost a month ago. I took a bath in the morning and went to Hanuman Mandir to visit God and take his blessings for the day. I went to Hanuman Mandir and saw that the temple was decorated and all were happy to celebrate this day.

 I called up my contact on the bike showroom to inquire about my bike that at what time would it be delivered and he told that “Sir, it would not be possible today, could you try for any other day”. I was a bit dissapointed and told him “I had booked long time prior only to take in on this special day”. He told he will try and let me know. I told I`ll call him back in few hours to check back if it would be possible today.

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Bike is on it`s way…..

I came to Pune around 4 months ago and was struggling with roaming and transportation issues.  Every time I wanted to go out for a movie or with friends I had to struggle to reach the location mostly with rickshaw and walking.

I had decided to buy a bike couple months ago as 2 of my friends already bought a 150cc bike that time and I was planning to buy the same one soon. I had a discussion with my family regarding this and they suggested me to buy a 125cc bike which seemed to give the same performance as a 150cc one and had a better mileage. I kept on iterating all my options and finally thought of buying a 150cc one which was suggested by my family.

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Birthday with Friends and Family always…..:)

It was my birthday yesterday and as always I was with my family. I had planned for this holiday since long when I joined the new organization and was looking forward for the day to come when I would go home and celebrate my 26th birthday with my family.

During the night, there was a call from a dear friend with whom I chatted all night long and then we went very desperate with our mutual feelings all together and felt the relationship going towards a great life to come and both of us were in sensuous mood. We talked about everything and then after sometime, we lost control over our senses and we just flowed with the dream. After that I thought of taking a step back so that we do not get induced with each other and we slept with the dream of being together forever. 

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Kick Off – Annual Function

Today was the Kick Off Day, the so called Annual Function of our company SQS India. I had participated in singing of solo song and planned to sing “O Sanam” of Lucky Ali Sir. I even asked Lucky Ali Sir regarding can I sing this song on my company annual function and he said “Enjoy yourselves..:)“. It was such a nice feeling that I had joined the organization just 1 month back and had a great tiME and also participating in the function. Unfortunately I could not play guitar while singing as I was out of touch from many years so Atul called up Noopur to get along with ME on the guitar while I would sing. ME and Noopur had practiced a lot in the office on the 5th floor which was not functional at the moment.

All the participants including ME left early from office to the party venue. It was an open ground and the stage was set and our very own Atul Mane was seen running here and there setting up the stage and preparing sound check. Atul and his band were our guys who were to be our sound backup for the show. We all and his rocking band had a great time practicing. It was great to be with them on the practice sessions. Finally everyone started a dry run and the program started with dance performances. Some of our people also had performed in the group dance and then was the tiME when songs were to start. Unfortunately rains spoiled everything and there was no singing performance after that. I was a bit disheartened but still we has high spirits.

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SQS India…..A new journey started in Pune.

I was trying to get a job in Pune or Bombay (Mumbai) since much time and gave 1 interview in Bombay and 1 in Pune but did not get selected. I was depressed and was thinking what could be the future of my life if I ever will be able to get out of Surat as there was no scope of IT (Information Technology) in Surat, Gujarat. I got an email  from SQS India Pvt. Ltd. that the had a recruitment drive and they will be letting know till day end that will I be selected or rejected for the job.

I had got the job and now was looking forward for residence where I would be living. I was living in a hotel and was traveling from Pune Railway station to Hinjewadi everyday from 29th November morning till 1st December and finally I got a 1BHK not so good one but ok to rent. I shifted on 1st December in the afternoon and was unpacking and getting geared up for my joining next day.

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