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Connecting the Dots…..:) —

My professional career was very much like the story of ‘Connecting the Dots’ which Steve gave at Stanford in 2005. In the story Steve said that you need to work hard and trust your instincts because the dots always connect in reverse order. When I heard the speech it was very magical and was thinking […]

Internet And ME…..!!! —

This is not concealed from anyone that I was always passionate about Internet and mad like anything for it. One day I wanted to register a domain and was thinking about what naME should I register. I was always in contact with the Domain ME guys and was a fan of ME since then.

‘Jobs’ the movie…..:) —

Steve Jobs`s life has always been an inspiration to me. I was eagerly waiting for the movie ‘Jobs’ which was made on the life of him. It was 24th August and was exactly 2 years back in 24th August 2011 when Steve handed over his resignation not to the company that he created, but to […]

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