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Birthday, Fasting, Temple and Golu (Samaira)

It was my birthday day before yesterday and I share my birthday with Mr. Steve Jobs, which I realized only on the day I registered this blog. I reached home on 23rd to to celebrate my birthday with my family. Me and Mum were having a discussion that it is a special day that you are having your birthday on the auspicious festival of ‘Maha Shivratri’ and if I was willing to fast on that day or not. I then decided OK I will fast on that day as it is not just my birthday but also a big festival and I was at home. Me and Mum decided that we will fast on my birthday. We all went to see the house that my Brother bought on his 2nd marriage anniversary, I was visiting the place for the first time and I was curiously looking at every room, every door, every window and the outside view as I was more than excited. We then bought a cake from a shop near to the new house and went for a car ride and then eventually we went home.

We all were eagerly waiting for the night and then the cake was bought, I cut the cake in front of my family. Shared the cake with my Brother, Bhabhi and my dear cutie niece Golu (Samaira) as me and Mum were fasting. We then slept to get up early as we had to visit the temple. We got up early and then took bath and went to temple to offer prayers to Lord Shiva on the auspicious day of ‘Maha Shivratri’. First I took Bhabhi and Somu (Golu) on the vehicle, slowly slowly and dropped them at the temple which is around a mile away from home and then came back for Mummy and dropped her and then stayed with them. It was a decent line and we had to stand in line for around 30mins until we could take our chances to offer prayers to God. After the worship, I came back home and then was waiting for them to arrive. They arrived late after buying some vegetables for home and then I was playing with my niece while watching TV. After sometime my Father also called and greeted me for my birthday. I was having my selenium classes the next day on saturday and I had to leave on my birthday itself which I was very anxious about it. Luckily my trainer messaged on the group that the training is cancelled on saturday and will continue normally on sunday. I was excited that I could stay a day longer and I immediately cancelled my tickets for friday night and booked the ticket for saturday night. I enjoyed the day so much and as I was staying that night at home with my family.

The next evening I was packing my bags to travel to Pune and then Sairee Mam quoted Tim Cook’s tweet when he wished belated Steve Jobs on twitter. The moment I saw that tweet, I replied to Sairee Mam with my article Steve Jobs an Unbound Legacy which I wrote while setting up this site. One of the best moments of my life and I was happy that after reading the article, Sairee Mam wished me on my birthday too. It was like a happy ending to my celebrations. :)

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