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Spark.ME 2016 Invitation – I missed it

As you all know from my post from January that I wanted to attend Spark.ME and I enrolled to the contest to become the official blogger for Spark.ME. I was eagerly waiting for 15th March when the results for the contest were about to come and finally the results came. Unfortunately I did not win the contest but I really appreciate the way Bojana invited me to the event with free passes to the event as exclusive member of the the Spark.ME and Domain.ME community.

3 years back when Spark.ME was first organized as the biggest Tech Conference in the Balkan region, I was the one who wanted to attend it badly and was thinking to go to Montenegro and attend this conference. Fortunately this time the invitation was official and I had a free ticket to Spark.ME. Also there is now a dedicated Spark.ME bloggers team (11 bloggers from 7 countries) that will take care of the blogging and will keep me updated of the event.

It was just because of the time and cost involved to attend the 2 day conference that I could not afford at the time. I was always excited about Spark.ME conference and this time I had the chance, I had the invitation but I could not attend the conference. I communicated to the Spark.ME and Domain.ME team that I would not be able to attend the conference, they were looking forward to meet me however I promised that I will provide complete support online. I wish the Spark.ME, Domain.ME and Spark.ME bloggers Team a great event and hope they make this event much more bigger and rocking event ahead 🙂

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