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Meeting Lucky bhai and friends is always a pleasure :)

It was about a week when I got the news that Lucky bhai is performing in Bombay on this Valentine’s Day and all my friends who are the dedicated fans of Lucky Ali will be there. We all decided on our WhatsApp group chat and we all were ready to meet and enjoy the concert after a long time. It was really a great moment as going to Bombay had always been special for me since childhood and this time for a concert and party with friends made it very special on a occasion like Valentine’s Day.

Then came the day 14th February for which I was really geared up since long. I started the day very early as always getting up at 4am, freshened up and did my daily exercise. I had breakfast as a usual sunday breakfast with friends and went to the temple to thank god for this great day of meeting with friends. Then I had my lunch and went to Bhumkar Chowk, the bus stop where I was waiting for Shivneri bus of Dadar route. I boarded the bus at around 1400hrs and called up Rehan and Nina Di that I`ve started my journey and will arrive in around 3hrs. But to my excitement I reached in 2.5hrs at 1630hrs. I called up Rehan that I have arrived and I waiting for him near INOX theatre. We both took a cab and went to the venue at Phoenix Market City, Kurla.

Rehan and Me got our tickets and we were waiting for Nina Di to arrive and just then Manoj George came out of nowhere and he was strolling around. We just caught him for few mins of conversation. Then we all waited in the line for VIP entry and discussed about what all was going in our lives and what all we were planning for the near future to come. We went inside and were chatting and enjoying until the camera was onto us and we said “Hi” which was flashed on the big screen. We were very Happy that Mona who already had arrived saw Nina Di on the big screen and came to us to talk and collaborate. She was very good and decent in conversation with us. We then waited for Vijay bhai and Priyanka who were yet to arrive. And then was the time the concert started and we all started singing and enjoying the songs together. We all had really noticed one of the fans who was like with open shirt and enjoying like he was drunk badly and could not handle himself. We were also joined by Vivek and his wife, who was also a dedicated fan and Rehan’s friend. After the concert ended, we all met Subash bro, Manoj bro, Anna and specially Lucky bhai in the green room, chatted a bit. Then we were outside when we had a great conversation with Subash bro and clicked a superb pic with him. Then all crew went to the hotel and we all were waiting for Mona to arrive and after she arrived we went to eat something. We all then went to Marriot hotel in Andheri to meet Lucky bhai up and personal with our dedicated fan group. We all went to the hotel and then Lucky bhai came out to have a good conversation with us. We had some photo session after that and then we went on with our schedule to get home. I was accompanied with Rehan who then dropped me and helped me board a bus to Pune at around 0200hrs on 15th Feb and I arrived at Pune at 0400hrs. Walked for about 10mins to get home on a lonely street. Was still very excited, slept for about an hour and then was up again at 0600 to go to office. Went to office, did some good work and was happy for the day. It’s like whenever I meet Lucky bhai I’m booted but for more than 24hrs and still stay happy without even feeling a bit of fatigue. It was a great day that I was in Bombay on Valentine`s Day and with many of my close friends. 🙂


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