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Why I want to attend

Spark.Me gave a very good opportunity for all the bloggers in the world to “Become an Official Blogger” and also to be at the Best Technology Conference down the Adriatic Coast and breath in the beautiful country of Montenegro.

Before I jump in further to blog the details, I would like to introduce you with this beautiful Tech. Conf. #SparkMe. As the name suggest SparkME, it is a Technology Conference and StartUp Event where people from all over the world and mostly Europeans from the Balkan Region unite with their Spark (ignited ideas in the mind). It is organized by Domain.ME Team who lead the .ME Domain Extension for Montengro, #1 Personal Domain Name on the Internet.

Spark.ME started in 2013 with the idea of igniting the imagination of using technology to create the one thing that makes you special, that one idea that will make you stand out from the crowd, along with the people you need to know to make that happen. Since last few years they have organized this event with one of the best speakers like Pankaj Ghemawat (TED speaker and management professor at Stern School of Business, New York University), Christopher Fabian (2013 TIME Magazine’s 100 most influential people; co-founder and co-lead of UNICEF’s Innovation Unit), Tony Conrad (Co-founder and CEO of, and Founding Venture Partner at True Ventures) and Peter Sunde Kolmisoppi (Hacker/artist who deals with questions of intellectual property rights. Best known for being a co-founder of The Pirate Bay).

I am eagerly waiting since years to be in Budva, Montenegro and especially during summer when it the best time to be there. It is during summer when #SparkME is organized and we get the best view of Montenegro during this time of the year. I am a Wanterpreneur and every time I read anything on the Internet, I want to get inspired to get my own StartUp into existence. SparkME is the place where I can get the exposure to meet and interact with the talented speakers who have already established their mark in the world.

There are Conferences, Lectures and Workshops which will enhance my experience and help me develop skills which I could use when I would become an entrepreneur and have my own startup. There will always be an opportunity in between for informal conversations which will help me grow my circle and also might be some opportunity to work together with the mentors if they may be looking out for someone to collaborate with. I have a lot of domains and I’m still not sure about how to startup or what things to keep in mind when I’d become an entrepreneur myself and so many experiences which I’d never had. Being a part of this Tech. Conf. is just not to listen to speakers about their stories, but it`s about how I could incorporate these experiences into my life and make my life more successful as an entrepreneur. There will be many speakers from various backgrounds, heard that this time they have two confirmed speakers, one is an ex MI-5 agent, now as an entrepreneur running her own firm, secondly they have one of the co-founders of  Tech.EU, the website covering all of the startups and entrepreneurs in Europe. I’ve heard the other co-founder of Tech EU has wrote a nice book on European StartUp Revolution, I’m looking forward for to read it soon.

Most importantly, other than meeting all the speakers and people who are visiting this event, I will have an opportunity to meet the organizing team of Spark.ME and Domain.ME which is the prime sponsor and also one of the best examples of a startup which has raised itself from grounds up to the #1 Personal Domain Name on the Internet with their extensive hard work and smart marketing skills which helped them to stay at #1 all these years. Also this opportunity is about being entitled as to “Become an Official Blogger“. For all the bloggers on the Internet, they know and they understand the meaning of a recognition, and if this recognition is official, it means a lot.

And after I’ve completed all of the hard work of listening to all the speakers, understanding their ideas, and thought process of incorporating those into my ‘Wanterpreneur’ life, there will be time to chill and relax on the beach and wait for the beach parties to warm up the night. Beach parties are organized near the beautiful Adriatic coast of Budva and believe me, I’ve seen the pics, they are like one of a lifetime you will have. I’m looking forward to attend SparkME….. Yo…!!! 😉

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