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International Men`s Day

It was International Men’s Day today and I was excited from the beginning of the day. It was a fine day but I had a lot of work in the office and eventually I got very tired in the evening. It was like the usual day when I used to get down from bus and talk to all of my friends down the way and say bye to everyone eventually before going home. This day however had something special to offer and I could not even think that this could ever have had happened to anyone or if anyone had even thought that on International Men’s Day life had to offer this to him.

As and when I got down from bus said bye to my friend Sujata and started walking towards residence, 3 of my close girly friends (Poonam, Jaya and Vrushali) started shouting and screaming at me in the middle of the road. It took me a minute to understand what went wrong and what could possibly trigger them to such violent verbal behavior. They all started yelling at me so loudly that everyone around me was like what has this person done to these 3 girls that lead him to such behavior. I tried to persuade all of them and tried hard to keep them calm reminding that today is International Men`s Day and please do not scold and shout at me on this day, but they won’t listen. 

Later they told me that all shouting, scolding and screaming was a prank as I used to prank on all of them regularly and they all were looking for a moment to pull a prank on me and so a SHARIF guy like me was treated that way and disrespected on a day dedicated for males.

I thought of taking revenge from all of them for this prank and my revenge plan is…..TO TOUCH THEIR FEET AND APOLOGIZE FOR PAST, PRESENT AND ALL FUTURE TO COME.

Moral of the story: Men’s day is a day after 364 days to realize that you are men today also and you will be treated the same way as the other days, so do not forget you are men and it will be the same women domination like the other days, nothing special.

PS: forward this email to every guy who thinks he will be treated good by girls on men’s day. 🙂

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