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InternetAndME.COM taken down with other 5000+ .COM domains

It was not long when I had bought the .COM domain of InternetAndME during Navratri festival last month. And after that I had went to Indore on a vacation during the Dusshehra festival which was also for my elder brother`s engagement. I had a very hectic schedule in office before going to Indore and that is the reason I wanted to enjoy the moment with complete leisure without taking any stress or thinking about anything which could possibly take my mind off the celebrations. Temporarily I removed my office email configured on my phone so that I would not get involved in any distraction. I was just checking my personal email and social media feeds and that too I was checking it few times per day and not replying to anyone possibly expecting any answer from me.

One day I got around 5-10 emails directly fired up from various people which had included my email and also GoDaddy Support email stating that they had their .COM domains taken away by court order. I was in no mood to read or reply to any one of those email until GoDaddy support mailed us back that this was done by a court order and hence our domains were taken away from me. I got bit worried and started searching on the internet that what possibly got wrong and what exactly is this court order is and why is my domain taken away from when I was not involved in fraudulent activities related to domains. I came across an article from The Domains website that As Many As 5K .Com’s Taken Away By Sealed Court Order By Verisign Including Some Of Mine.

Then I started searching the Internet to get my domain back. It was my first vacation where I thought that I would never check my email but I was compelled to check my mail as this was a burning issue and it was a domain which I was really passionate about and completed my portfolio. I started contacting lawyers who were in the domain business and took up cases which involved domain fraud and UDRP. There were many articles written for the big issue that we need to contact the court appointed judge with the POO (Proof of Ownership) that you have legally purchased that domain. I then searched for my Paypal invoice and then was prepared to mail the court appointed immediator/judge Bob Ola, the guy who`s email was displayed as the registrant email for all the domains that were taken away by the court order. Then after some time I read blogs and posts on various websites regarding people got their domain back and they were happy and contended. My level of worries came down and then I started living in the imaginative world like nothing happened and I will get my domain back to me without any hassle. I then mailed the judge Bob Olea to let him know that I bought the domain legally and I have the invoice for it and hence it would request him to release the domain back to my GoDaddy account from where it was taken away.. I then turned up to Domain Admin of Digital Nomads who sold me the domain. The Domain Admin of Digital Nomads then mailed the judge and mailed me back that I have informed the judge that you have paid for the domain and it should be transferred back to your account. Then after waiting a couple of days, the email came that please make an account on the Uniregistry website and the domain will be pushed to your account. I immediately made an account on Uniregistry with the same email I use to register for domains, and replied back to kindly push the domain into my account with email I mentioned. After hours of wait of sending that email, I got a mail to accept the domain transfer which is pushed into my account. I accepted the domain and then I could see the domain into my account. I was happy and I informed my best friend Anish Shah about it and we started discussing about the future of the domain about how we could make a startup out of it. 🙂

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