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Internet And ME…..Mission Accomplished…..!!!

It is not long until 13th Nov 2013 or 13-11-13 as I should say the palindrome date proudly, when I registered www.InternetAnd.ME with a gift coupon given to me by friends at Domain.ME and also registered many other Domain Hack of the same name. I had registered all the Internet And ME TLD`s which were available and to my luck, they all were available except the .COM of the domain which the most precious of all the domains

 I then set out to the journey to buy www.InternetAndME.COM which had the registration date of 26th April 2000. I contacted the Domain Broker who was responsible for the sale for a potential quote. At first there were few emails exchanged from different email ID`s, some of mine and some of my friends. All of the replies that came in the quote was around USD $1,000. After few months of desperation and the year 2013 gone by, I dropped the idea to buy the domain as the price was to much to be spent at the moment.

After many months of tracking the domain WHOIS, contacting the broker/owner, finally giving up the idea to buy it and not thinking about the domain anymore, a lightning struck me. The Domain had been sold to some other registrant and then few emails started coming back to me.

Then on  email came from Digital Nomads who were now the exclusive brokers for the Domain Name. As I was the first one to reach out for the purchase of the domain, there was an email which asked me if I was still interested in the domain and if I had a reasonable offer to make. Then I called one of my best friends Anish Shah who is also a domain freak like me and we have good understanding of domain business. As he already knew that I own the .NET, .ORG and .ME of the domain name, he suggested me to tell the domain brokers of .COM to get the whole bundle of .COM, .NET and .ORG for his asking price USD $1000. When they denied that they are not the brokers for .NET and .ORG, I quoted $120 USD to get the deal completed.  Then drastically the seller agreed to drop from $990 USD to $390 USD and wanted the deal to be completed in a week. But I was reluctant and upgraded the offer by just $10 to $130 USD, also I said the average valuation of the site is coming upto $70 and my quote is $130 and getting the offer above $250 was something I was overpaying a lot. Then another counter came of $200 USD saying “$200, lets wrap it up today”. I kept on being reluctant on my offer and said “I could go up to $135 if you are willing to pay 50% of escrow fees”. Then the broker said “Sorry I was not able to get approval, thanks for your interest in the same”. I thought I was losing the domain name after getting the price from USD $1000 to USD $200, I replied I could go with my last offer of $150 if possible. They again replied “How about $200 today”. I said I cannot go above $150 as it is my threshold spending limit. At last the approval from client came for $150 and asked for my preferred payment method. I said I will pay with my Credit Card (VISA) and would want the domain to be pushed to my GoDaddy account. The guys sent over a PayPal invoice which I had to pay to complete the transaction and then the authorization codes were to be given. I paid the invoice and then they asked for my GoDaddy account number and email associated with it and I had to accept the domain which they had pushed for a registrant change Finally after long wait, discussion, negotiation and finalizing I got www.InternetAndME.COM which is registered on 26th April 2000 and now the BOSS of all websites. I would say Mission Accomplished…..!!! 🙂

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