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Meeting Lucky bhai with all my friends :)

It was 14th September, Sunday morning and I had a plan with all my Lucky Gang to meet Lucky bhai during the concert he had at Blue Frog, Ishanya Mall, Yerwada. I went to Vaishali Restaurant in the morning with friends for breakfast. We all 8 people went on 4 bikes to Vaishali Restaurant and had a great breakfast and enjoyed a lot. Then we got got back to room and I got on with taking bath and get geared up for afternoon when all my Lucky gang from Mumbai were on the road traveling to Pune.

I took a good bath and called up Vijay bro who was coming with Rehan, Priyanka and Bhavesh bro. It was around 1400hrs and Rehan called me that they would be reaching in around 30mins. Vijay bro reached with the gang at Bhujbal Chowkin the afternoon below the Hinjewadi bridge. We all went to Baner and had snacks a restaurant and went to the venue at Blue Frog, Inshanya Mall in Yerwada where Nishad bro and Pradnya bhabhi were already there and we met and had started conversing about everything.

Then we went inside and grabbed a table where we all sat and started talking to each other and then there was the band Jaagar who were opening the concert. After I updated the event on Facebook, Nina Di called me to ask how was everything going, I saud everything is fine and I`m waiting to meet you soon. It was great listening to Jaagar band and we were enjoyed a lot.

Then came Lucky bhai and we all got up from our chairs and everyone present were just excited and came on the floor close to the stage. Lucky bhai and everyone were superb and we enjoyed a lot. After the concert, it was total surprise to meet Mujeeb bro as I was not expecting him to be n the concert as he did not communicate with us while planning. Lucky bhai and team were having dinner and we all then went to talk to him. We were waiting for Lucky bhai to finish food, but he left eating food and came to us to talk. We talked for about 30mins and then took some pics. 

After that we went then said good byes to Nishad bro and bhabhi, Mujeeb bro and went on with our journey to get back to home. I reached room at around 0300hrs and went to sleep and got up early again next morning to go to office. It was a great day and I didn’t even felt tiredness as Hairat and Maut was always rocking inside my heart 🙂

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