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Who Are You, Anyway? Build A Page That Tells Your Story

Today Tena Šojer from our dear Domain.ME Team wrote a post regarding Who Are You, Anyway? Means to get to know what is our identity on Internet. I was really amazed by the post and the thought process that we should also have our identity on the Internet. I was really aware that our identity on the Internet is always a domain name which we have and which we project as our identity on the WEB.

I was exaggerated and I thought I should also write something as a comment which would reflect my online identity and I should also show my gratitude to the .ME Team as they have the #1 personal domain name on the Internet and they were who inspired me to start my online venture with their domain name. I had put a great comment and I thought I should share the same comment with all of you, so here`s it below 🙂

I always wanted to have my presence felt online and this is the question that always haunted ME….Who am I on the Internet and wanted to build a page that would tell who would I be on the Internet. Then DotME caME at the right moMEnt when I needed to blog. I Am Its .ME 🙂

I was lucky to get all my naMEs Rohit .ME , RohitYadav .ME and even R-Y .ME which ultimately gave the answer to my question who was I and what would I be doing. That was one blog that I started and it has been there since explaining all phases of my life time to time. Rohit Its .ME 😉

After a long tiME relationship and connections with all the people closely working with DotME, I got very close to the domain naME and since then I have always registered ME domains only. Hey Its .ME 😉

2 of my addictions… is INTERNET of which I was addicted since childhood and the other recent addiction ME which compelled ME to show my gratitude towards both of my addictions. Internet And .ME 🙂

I am very very Happy to be connected to each and every lovely person at ME and desperately waiting for the moMEnt when I MEet everyone of you. Lots of LOVE, HUGS, KISSES from ME to DotME….. 🙂

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