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Missing <3 Mona <3

Just few moments back I was missing you badly <3 Mona <3. I has been a long time you left all of us for heaven. It was really a very tragic day when I got the phone call that you were no more. Today I was alone from long time and I did not have anything to think, just you came in my mind.

I was so missing you badly that I started crying and there was no one near me and I did not want anyone to see my tears and why I was so sad. You know Mona, you know you have always been with us always, I was alone and having a terrible relationship currently. I was thinking about you and started crying.

I was thinking about you and suddenly all the moments back in time flashed in front of my eyes I could not stop myself from crying and thinking about you. It was such a pleasure to meet and talk you always and we enjoyed a hell lot of great time altogether. I always pray to almighty to keep you happy and you keep looking down to all of us and we be together as friends forever, the promise we always will keep. Lot`s of Love to you Monali, we all love you and miss you a lot. <3

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