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Bike has arrived on Hanuman Jayanti…..:)

It is Hanuman Jayanti today and I had already taken a planned leave to get my bike which I had booked almost a month ago. I took a bath in the morning and went to Hanuman Mandir to visit God and take his blessings for the day. I went to Hanuman Mandir and saw that the temple was decorated and all were happy to celebrate this day.

 I called up my contact on the bike showroom to inquire about my bike that at what time would it be delivered and he told that “Sir, it would not be possible today, could you try for any other day”. I was a bit dissapointed and told him “I had booked long time prior only to take in on this special day”. He told he will try and let me know. I told I`ll call him back in few hours to check back if it would be possible today.

I prayed to Lord Hanuman Ji and said “God, I want my bike today. Please make it possible any how”. Then I made another call to my contact and he told “Ok Sir, you can come in 1hr and get your bike”. I was so happy and thanked Hanuman Ji that only you could have made it possible. I took the bike and then rode it back to Mandir where I parked bike just outside of temple and took Hanuman Ji`s blessings for my bike. Finally I had a ride…..:)

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