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Bike is on it`s way…..

I came to Pune around 4 months ago and was struggling with roaming and transportation issues.  Every time I wanted to go out for a movie or with friends I had to struggle to reach the location mostly with rickshaw and walking.

I had decided to buy a bike couple months ago as 2 of my friends already bought a 150cc bike that time and I was planning to buy the same one soon. I had a discussion with my family regarding this and they suggested me to buy a 125cc bike which seemed to give the same performance as a 150cc one and had a better mileage. I kept on iterating all my options and finally thought of buying a 150cc one which was suggested by my family.

I visited the showroom few weeks back and then asked for all the documents required for the final processing of the the vehicle. Finally today morning I booked the bike and thought of a day when I would be taking the delivery. Then I consulted with family members about which day would be the best pious day to take the delivery and they advised me to take the delivery on “Hanuman Jayanti” festival which is said to be as the best and the purest day whenever a new work or a new vehicle must be bought. I called up the showroom and told them that I would be taking the delivery on 15th April 2014. I am totally happy that my first vehicle that I took from my earned money is on it`s way….. 🙂

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