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Birthday with Friends and Family always…..:)

It was my birthday yesterday and as always I was with my family. I had planned for this holiday since long when I joined the new organization and was looking forward for the day to come when I would go home and celebrate my 26th birthday with my family.

During the night, there was a call from a dear friend with whom I chatted all night long and then we went very desperate with our mutual feelings all together and felt the relationship going towards a great life to come and both of us were in sensuous mood. We talked about everything and then after sometime, we lost control over our senses and we just flowed with the dream. After that I thought of taking a step back so that we do not get induced with each other and we slept with the dream of being together forever. 

In the morning there were calls from family and friends all over the globe and that was someday I enjoyed a lot and was very happy. Happiness was not just the birthday feeling but the feeling of a special one, a warmth felt while talking to a special friend last night. I will always cherish that night till the end of my life. Hope I have a great life ahead….. 🙂

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