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Kick Off – Annual Function

Today was the Kick Off Day, the so called Annual Function of our company SQS India. I had participated in singing of solo song and planned to sing “O Sanam” of Lucky Ali Sir. I even asked Lucky Ali Sir regarding can I sing this song on my company annual function and he said “Enjoy yourselves..:)“. It was such a nice feeling that I had joined the organization just 1 month back and had a great tiME and also participating in the function. Unfortunately I could not play guitar while singing as I was out of touch from many years so Atul called up Noopur to get along with ME on the guitar while I would sing. ME and Noopur had practiced a lot in the office on the 5th floor which was not functional at the moment.

All the participants including ME left early from office to the party venue. It was an open ground and the stage was set and our very own Atul Mane was seen running here and there setting up the stage and preparing sound check. Atul and his band were our guys who were to be our sound backup for the show. We all and his rocking band had a great time practicing. It was great to be with them on the practice sessions. Finally everyone started a dry run and the program started with dance performances. Some of our people also had performed in the group dance and then was the tiME when songs were to start. Unfortunately rains spoiled everything and there was no singing performance after that. I was a bit disheartened but still we has high spirits.

After the rains rushed into the event and singing performances were cancelled, drinks were declared open and DJ has started. I danced with the girls group I had known and kept dancing with all of them. For around few hours, ME and all the girls were dancing in circles and had a great time. After all the fun that happened, it was time for departure. We all had a great day enjoying a nice evening and then we headed to the parking where our buses were waiting to get us back to our residences.

I had a fight with a very close one and she stopped talking to me after that. I did not want to mention here and still not elaborating it but just wanted to tell her that I never ever wanted to hurt her. Signing off on a happy note. 🙂

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