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SQS India…..A new journey started in Pune.

I was trying to get a job in Pune or Bombay (Mumbai) since much time and gave 1 interview in Bombay and 1 in Pune but did not get selected. I was depressed and was thinking what could be the future of my life if I ever will be able to get out of Surat as there was no scope of IT (Information Technology) in Surat, Gujarat. I got an emailĀ  from SQS India Pvt. Ltd. that the had a recruitment drive and they will be letting know till day end that will I be selected or rejected for the job.

I had got the job and now was looking forward for residence where I would be living. I was living in a hotel and was traveling from Pune Railway station to Hinjewadi everyday from 29th November morning till 1st December and finally I got a 1BHK not so good one but ok to rent. I shifted on 1st December in the afternoon and was unpacking and getting geared up for my joining next day.

Then came 2nd Decemember 2013, Monday when I was to join SQS India, my 2nd employer as a Test Engineer. I took my phone, synced my GPS to the location for SQS India Hinjewadi Phase – III. It was long route and then finally I arrived at my office destination. First day as it is always rocking I met many people who also joined on the same day. I felt excited to be in the new city, new job and new life far away from home. It will always be a day I will always remember and will never forget…..:)

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