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Prevail Truth Foundation – A Global Help Initiative

I always wanted to start a non – profit organization where I could help people to get better opportunities in their life. It was sometime now that I started looking fora name that I would give, accidently the name ‘Prevail Truth’ came into my mind. I asked a few friends about how this name would be for a non profit organization and their response were good regarding the name

The next thing was to register the website for it and start working on helping people on Education, Technology, Health and Global Awareness. It was like a dream to start it as the thought of the initiative came from on my mother`s birthday who always is a great inspiration for me in everything I wanted to do and I really dedicate this site to my mother.

I request you to visit the site for Prevail Truth Foundation – A Global Help Initiative and help me in the venture of making the lives of people prosperous by our work…..Hope to see you all there with a helping hand in it…..Thanks…..:)

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