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‘Jobs’ the movie…..:)

Steve Jobs`s life has always been an inspiration to me. I was eagerly waiting for the movie ‘Jobs’ which was made on the life of him. It was 24th August and was exactly 2 years back in 24th August 2011 when Steve handed over his resignation not to the company that he created, but to the dreams he wanted to come to reality. Steve left heavenly abode leaving us with the memories and the courage he showed in his life.

He had become an idol of billions in the IT world as his life contained ups and downs and then he came back to the very company he created and dreams he wanted to pursue. I was very happy and lucky to when I came to know that I share my birthday with this great man.

Today when I saw the movie, I saw courage, pain, failure and ultimately success which was exactly his life. His struggle to run his courage to start the company, pain of being thrown out of the very company he started, failure to revive his company when he again came back and encountered many problems and ultimately success by making Apple Inc. the biggest and successful company in the world.

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