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Finally content meets traffic requirement…..:)

It was time I had bought unlimited hosting last year and was shifting all my websites to this unlimited hosting one by one. It was months along and lot of data on many of my websites that needed to be shifted on the new server with care so that none of the links or contents would be broken and it would be a smooth transition for all users visiting in realtime.

I had tried to move this wordpress blog which I created long time back on a server with limited bandwidth to the new server few times but had bad experience every time the links seem to be broken and content rendering was still through the old server.

I called out for help to the admins of Hostgator to transfer my blog to the new server giving instructions about last experiences of broken links and page rendering problems. They were kind enough to transfer all my custom settings from the old server to the new one keeping in mind all the problems I told them to keep in mind. Now I`m very happy and I stopped worrying about the extra bandwidth which used to be consumed. Now I don`t have any disruptions or even slowed down of any service since then….. 🙂

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