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Met Lucky bhai after a long wait…..:)

It was 6th March 2011 when I had a memorable chat with Lucky Ali as you all might have remembered. It was a great moment when I got to know that he was performing in my state, I just called up Zuby bhai and he made all the arrangements for me to get there. I called up one another of my friend Nihar and told all my friends that I`m going to meet him.

It was 727 days wait as I counted from 6th March 2011 – 2nd March 2013 when Lucky Sir told that he would come to meet and I went to meet him at DAIICT, Gandhinagar Techfest.

I won`t write this as a blog but just write it in chats the same way I conveyed it to my Lucky Ali fans group….. 🙂

You won’t believe I came 1:45 mins earlier on station.  08:15 ko station par aa gya tha….train 09:50 ki thi.

Phir college phone kiya to bola 14:00 baje tak aa jayenge but woh 17:50 tak aaye…

 2nd march 2013 was the concert and 6th march 2011…2 years back we had chat about coffee in surat…how awesome…727 days baad tapasya poori hui.

I was there roaming and checking out college girls for few hours until crew arrived.

 Then met Subash for few secs and he recognized after I said my name, I had chat like I was waiting for you guys.

He said Are dekho yaar surat se aaye hain ye log and said Lucky is coming in sometime.

 Waiting and waiting and then Lucky bhai came walking…they were so late doing soundcheck that they didn’t had time to talk…I said while walking hi sir I’m Rohit and he walked in hurry saying hi hi good afternoon.

 Then we (Me and Nihar) were waiting down stage with lot’s of desperation as they all were busy in soundcheck.

Zuby bhai called up and said College ka function hai to Lucky has to come at soundcheck so you just tell him while coming that I’m rohit from surat and he will recognize you….Coz I’m one dumb person non photogenic ki mera photo facebook par nahi hai so he might not recognize.

 Woh sab aise hi soundcheck ke liye chale gaye to main to depress ho gaya yaar ab kya karu.

 Then msg’ed Zuby bhai Kya karu kuch samajh nahi aa raha.  He said when they come down and go for green room tag along with Subash and then might work.

 Time was running so late that I recognized they won’t have much time to talk after that so we decided to tell subash to say that we want to meet him.

 Waiting and waitng until Subash turned left and even Lucky bhai was looking ki ye saale kaun log hain jo mujhe hi dekhe jaa rahe hain… 😛

College security asked yahaan close ho raha hai aap udhar jaaiye….we said…we’re with the team…

Then Subash turned left and we waived him hand…he said kya hua….I was in desperation pointed bhaijaan to him 4-5 times…..then bhai must have thought asked him…..kya problem hai in logon ka 😛

He might have said ye log milna chahte hain…then bhai came backstage near the stair and called by gesture….security bola kahaan…humne bola are bulaaya hai…

Phir I went Sir I’m Rohit, Rohit Yadav from Surat and he was like Are Rohit kaisa hai yaar…kab aaya?  Maine bola subah se wait kar rahe the aur aap itni jaldi chale gaye….Then gave the gift…this is for the whole crew gang and this is specially for you…shaked hand and touched his feet..

 He asked Are Rohit tu hai na yahaan abhi…maine bola yes sir yahi hoon…good good…phir ek pic liya aur bola surat is waiting.

Sir ne bola sure sure….maine bola sir coffee bhi pending hai…he said…sure surat mein coffee bhi karenge aur milenge bhi…then we sat beside the stage watching then practice.

He then was free again for sometime and came and said….Rohit….hum bhaag kar stage pe chad gaye…aur yahi coffee waali baat hui…until a college student came and said bhai is tired then we went down…

 He took panorama shot in front of us that was posted on twitter…I think 2 people in background sitting on chair might not be visible.

 Achcha hua soundcheck ke beech miein mila nahi to baad mein to 8:45 ho gaya tha to nahi mil paate….

 Practive ke baad jaate jaate unhone bola….rohit…hum thodi der mein jaakar aate hain.

Phir they came again and we were right there…all the crew set up the stage while bhai was in green room….finally he came out and we said best of luck sir and then moved to the crowd….

Mujhe to dhoop mein khade khade chakkar aa rahe the aur milne ka kuch thikaana hi nhi tha…Phir jab mil liye tab aaram se.chair lekar baith gaye aur thoda.sikoon mila

Par ek khushi hai…unhone 2 baar mujhe nam se bulaya aur jaise hi pehle maine kahaan rohit yadav from.surat he was like ekdum excited mood mein…kaisa hai yaar…kitni baje aaya…that made my day….

Wait ki tapasya phir wahaan dhoop mein khade rehne ki….but raat mein yahi socha…jo bhi plan kiya woh kuch bhi nahi hua…par jo hua woh plan se achcha hi hua.



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