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Anish and Shwetika…..2 good friends, too good life partners…..:)

It was 25th February 2012, Saturday and I was enjoying my birthday all over again. In the morning I got a call from my friend Anish that he was getting engaged to Shwetika the next day on 26th, Sunday in the evening. I was so great to hear about their engagement as I was there during the college days when their relationship started and they went liking each other. It was a very happy moment for me like three memorable days of my life. I told Anish that I was very excited to hear the news that you two guys I know in my life and my very good friends got engaged and was desperately waiting for their marriage to happen.

Then came the day…..1st February 2013, Friday the day when 2 of my very good friends were getting married. It was not spontaneous because the news was long before with me that they are engaged and their marriage date was announced. It was not just about marriage but also about meeting them as it was a long time since I saw any of my college friends. I started off in the afternoon by train and reached baroda at the venue of wedding.


After waiting for long time then arrived the Dulha….Anish…..I met him, we had a good chat and met his family and was excited to meet many other friends who also came along. After that we had the Dulhan walking down the aisle…..Shwetika…..When she was coming she was very happy to see all the friends gang that were present to give her blessings on this auspicious occasion. I met her, talked to her and it was a very happy moment when you see that your friends are getting married. It was a happy moment for me because I knew both of them and felt very happy that atlast their true love united and they will have a happily  married life ahead…..Just want to say to Anish and Shwetika….remain happy for the rest of your life and keep smiling and complimenting each other as always… both are my very good friends and I`ll always cherish this memory forever…..:)

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