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This is a special moMEnt for ME to write this article as it is and will be soMEthing very special all my life as this is dedicated to this blog, the technology and most of all the people involved directly or indirectly with this blog. I always wanted a blog of my own since I was 6 years old, wanted to make a mark on the Internet with my skills and wanted to be a distinctive part of the Internet. It was god`s  will and his blessing that this blog caME long after when it was really needed for ME. I had set up many blogs when I was young and eventually had to leave them as I was not much involved with updating them tiME to tiME. But this blog is soMEthing which caME right when it was needed as a permanent blog which I will be updating all the way online. 

I registered this blog on the domain extension .ME which is of the Montenegro Registry. It seeMEd to be such a personal domain extension .ME that I registered 3 domain naMEs which were resembled my naME www.rohityadav.ME, www.rohit.ME and www.r-y.ME which all I use for blogging purpose. 

It was 1st January 2013, new year start and I was watching Casino Royale of Daniel Craig. I had watched this movie before but it didn`t click ME previously. When I was watching the movie, then caME the scene of the poker gaME which was held in a hotel of Montenegro…..then it just clicked my mind that I owned sites with the country`s domain extension. It was in my mind till I was asleep and I think it was coincidence that I was still thinking about the poker gaME in the movie in Montenegro and the .ME (dot ME) registry all the next day while working.  I reached hoME from work on 2nd January and my Mom told ME soMEthing special that I had received a present.  It was a Christmas and New Year greeting from my friends at Montenegro Registry Domain ME.

Domain ME

I was very happy that my friends at domain ME registry sent ME a greeting card on the occasion of New Year and Christmas. I really want to thank Natasa Djukanovic, Maša Đikanović and Sanja Lazović for being so kinds friends with ME and sending the greeting to ME. I hope to MEet you all soon and have a great cherished life ahead and this blog will always be personal to ME and you all will be there in my heart throughout my life….. 🙂

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