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A new beginning…..

It was 13th October when Kate, a UK based model and friend talked about wanting a website for her own portfolio. Another friend of mine Bilal Malik already had prepared a preview for her website. It was great time and then finally we got into a thought to register website in the name Kate Elizabeth Hallam which will be designed by Bilal bhai.

After a few days on 19th October we thought to register a brand on the name which Bilal bhai was working so we registered a site for Bilal bhai which was in the name of his web design venture “Bheeghi Billi Web Designs“. It was a very wonderful experience with Kate and Bilal bhai allowing me to be a part of their ventures.

Me and Bilal bhai are now working on few more ideas which we hope to cultivate and grow in near future. This is something which I always wanted in life to be connected with some good people in life. I cherish my life with friendship of these 2 good people Kate and Bilal bhai that made me part of their online ventures and made me smile…..:)

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