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Auction of

It was a usual day and I was spying on few websites that were expiring soon. I already had registered this site as was already registered by someone else. I saw that was expiring and there were no renewals done till the last expiration period started.

I was keeping an eye on it and as it was registered on GoDaddy, they made a solicit offer to buy it before it goes for a default backorder. On 22nd Aug, 2216 hours I placed a bid on it. I was waiting and hoping that no other was to bid on it and was waiting for the last day of GoDaddy auctions to complete on it.

On 23rd Aug, 0100 hours the auction ended and I got mail that “Auction has ended and you have placed the high bid, please confirm payment so that we can transfer it to your account”. The same day evening when I came home I saw the mail  on 23 Aug, 2021 hours and confirmed the payment and was eagerly waiting for the 7 day period when the domain would be transferred to my account. And it was finally 29th Aug, 1732 hours I got mail that transaction is successfully completed and domain is transferred to your account. I`m happy as it adds to list of domains I own….. :).

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