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The day I got my Credit Card

I had applied for Credit Card in my SBI Bank from much time. The application was under process and I was not getting any reply from bank regarding the processing of it. I called bank so many times daily and still they were inactive in providing any possible solution.

I then emailed the feedback centre regarding the application not taking any progress. Then they mailed me regarding the application successful processing. The concerned person from bank called me to inform that the card application is processed and it will be available in 10 days.

There came a verification call the credit card and they said the card would be dispatched to my house within 7 working days. The day came 5th July and when I came back from office the card had already arrived. My mom said that the card has arrived and I was so excited regarding it as I was waiting for it from so long time. And from now onwards,  I pay my online bills from my own card….. 🙂

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