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25th , 26th and 27th June – One of my best friend`s marriage.

It was Manoj`s marriage on 27th June and my other best friend Harsh also came from Pune to be with us. It was 25th morning I went to Manoj`s house where Harsh was present. We then had a chat for sometime as Manoj was busy getting ready for his marriage.

I and Harsh went to CCD, Raj Empire and then had a chat regarding our lives and it was great. In the evening there was a program of marriage in which we all enjoyed. On 26th, the second day I and Harsh went to Titan showroom and gifted Manoj a good Titan watch. We had dinner that night and then went on.

It was the last and 27th day, the ultimate day of marriage and we were very excited that it was my first friend`s marriage. We danced a lot and then went to the marriage hall. I wish him a very happy married life ahead….. :).

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