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Titanic after more than a decade…..

When I was a kid I used to watch all kinds of movies, but was never so attached to any movie that I could remember any of them as a movie which could touch my heart for a lifetime. It was only ‘Titanic’ which I always remember as an touching movie that I cried a lot for many days and months after knowing that the love story could not be completed because of their separation. I always respected their love story and always hoped in life that I would never get separated from any of my loved ones as the feeling of separation is something which could not be imagined and I could never have lived after separating from my love.

The song ‘My heart will go on’ always made me cry and still I have tears in my eyes when I hear the music. This song and the music are some things which always make me remind of the situation where your loved ones separate. I recently made a plan to watch the new Titanic made in 3D. It was exciting as I was about to see the movie again, but when I was watching the movie again, it was very difficult to control my tears even as an adult as the feeling of love was so intense that I could not hold my tears.

Even after more than 10 years after I saw the movie, it was like I`m watching it for the first time and feeling of love continues to come again and again. It is the ‘Titanic’ which makes me go through my memories from the start to the end and teaches me that love is not only about having your loved one with you, but it is about knowing that the one you love is happy wherever they are and always wish for the best for them. I had always believed in love and there was someone in my childhood whom I always loved and admired and she is none other than the beautiful actress Penélope Cruz. I have seen he from my childhood and my admiration and love towards her has grown since then. It is something I know I cannot unite with her but I always get happy when I hear about her that she is happily married and settled down.

This is love… happens… and we can only feel it happening. It is the moment which comes for sometime but last for a lifetime…..My heart will always go on and on….. 🙂

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