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Sudoku Competition in Company

Sudoku Competition was held in my company today. I was excited from last few days when Purvi Mam broadcasted the message regarding the competition. I was practicing since  few days and was eagerly waiting for the competition to start.

I was in the first of the 2 batches and was full throttled waiting for the puzzle. Dharmesh Sir sat beside me and Vinit Sir beside him. Purvi Mam said that there is only one person that came to play and he was Vinit Sir as he was the only person who came with a pencil and eraser.  It was an exciting moment to see everyone geared to challenge their brain to the optimum level.

Then at 16:15 the competition started and I got really disheartened to see a very tough puzzle (if I`m not wrong it was puzzle #12905) which was really not expected by anyone in the room. After a few mins I realized that I could really start off as I got a digit. Then as time passed by I started filling digits and counting every hidden single and naked single in my mind.

After the first batch completed the puzzle, everyone had a great feeling of pushing their brain to the limit for those 25 mins in the meeting room. It was a very light moment in the company where we were all excited to gear up our brain and play like we used to in school and college days. I`m thankful to Purvi Mam and Shirish Sir for organizing such an activity for all of us. Hope to see more of such exciting things in the future. 🙂

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