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Formula 1 India Grand Prix

I was always fascinated about Formula 1 races since my childhood. I used to watch Michael Schumacher, Rubens Barichello, David Coulthard and always saw the races, the turns the overtakes and got excited by the machines soaring upto more than 300kmph.

This time was very excited and thrilled as it happened in India and everyone around was waiting for the day. I was happy to see that my dear Lucky Ali Sir performed the F1 India Anthem with KK, Leslie Lewis and Daler Mahendi. The Formula 1 anthem goes like this “Hum mein hai raftaar, hum jeete baar baar”.

The race started and after a few laps Fileppe Massa dissapointed me completely after he crashed around. Schumacher was as same as he raced forward and climbed 5 positions as he always showed his trademark by started late and climbing pole positions to get pole points. As the end came I think Sebastian Vettel deserved to be at the 1st position as in practice and qualifying. 

I felt happy after watching race in India and there was only one thing that disappointed me that Mayawati gave the trophy to Vettel. The disappointment went away as Vettel poured the champagne in the trophy and drank it as the king having feast after a great win. Awesome show, will remember it forever and will be close to my heart because of the F1 anthem. 🙂



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